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Fashion Institute of New Orleans (FINO)

NOLA Youth Works Revitalization Initiative 2013: Read Blvd

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The Fashion Institute of New Orleans (FINO)
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FINO is designed to maximize the impact of the fashion and retail industry on Louisiana. The program includes classes, workshops, and field trips that enhance students’ natural talent and provide training and business resources in the fashion and retail industries. The objective is to prepare high school students for higher education in fashion design and/or merchandising and inspire careers in this growing industry.

One Vision | One Voice
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A program that introduces young people to the world of professional music by making them a part of a LIVE music recording and teaching them about the music industry.

NOLA Youth Works Revitalization Initiative: Read Blvd

The NOLA Youth Works students decided that they would beautify the sign located on the corner of Read Blvd and the I-10 Service road in Eastern New Orleans as part of their community initiative. Thanks to the partnership with both the Home Depot and Lowes stores in New Orleans East, the completion of this initiative will come to fruition.

Clean and Beautiful Program: Bullard Ave

The Clean and Beautiful program was designed to foster the continued revitalization and beautification of District 2 and the state of Louisiana. The program creates and maintains aesthetically pleasing thoroughfares throughout the district. A partnership with New Orleans East residents, businesses , community leaders , and neighborhood associations to provide attractive, well-maintained thoroughfares throughout New Orleans East.

Project Playground

This program is designed to expedite the recovery of the devastated community cornerstones in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Three Booster Clubs recently received generous donations that will help them maintain youth programs. The Sam Bonart, Goretti, and Kenilworth Booster Clubs have received donations of more than $70,000 which included equipment an uniforms, as well as funds to make renovations and replace damaged concession stands. Providing for wholesome extracurricular activities for our children exemplifies the community’s commitment to a positive future for our youth.

“Let It Shine!” Gospel Extravaganza

Provides a platform for our children to support and enjoy one another in a diverse atmosphere of healthy competition, while bringing vital resources to our school music programs; and celebrating the artistic virtues of a genre of music that was birthed in our unique American culture! “Let It Shine!” highlights each school’s musical artistry in a three round sing off featuring various forms of gospel music. Each group performs a hymn or Negro spiritual, a traditional and a contemporary gospel song. Performances are judged by a distinguished panel of local music celebrities. Winning school choirs receive funds to purchase choral uniforms; stipends for schools music programs; and trophies.

Protect Our Police (POP Initiative)

POP is designed to provide support to the men and women in uniform who make the streets of Senate District 2 and the state of Louisiana safe. The first resources of this program were dedicated to the acquisition of body armor officers. In addition, sorely needed office equipment was purchased for the district’s two precincts to assist in the return to normalcy in day to day operations. Due to Hurricane Katrina, many of our officers lost some of the essential supplies needed to be effective in their duty. They, like us, must rebuild, but they must also protect and serve an entire community. With this in mind, we are happy to offer the men and women in blue, our partnership, respect and commitment . We are honored to have helped restore some of the equipment lost and pledge to remain a support to our officers in the future.

Welcome Home Seniors

Welcome Home Seniors is designed to help ease the strain on those who may live on fixed incomes and experience difficulty affording basic necessities such as food and medication. Senator Ann Duplessis and the District 2 Community Enhancement Corporation joined efforts to reward senior citizens returning to Eastern New Orleans, Holy Cross, and the Lower Ninth Ward. Through the Welcome Home Program, qualified seniors receive items such as microwave ovens and televisions. Senior citizens are the bedrock of our community; we have an obligation now more than ever to ensure their return to a safe, clean, normal environment.

Future Entrepreneurs Business Summit

This program introduces high school juniors and/or seniors from the Louisiana Recovery School District to the unlimited world of entrepreneurship. They are exposed to the essentials needed to succeed in the business world including: Design Strategies, Creating a Business Plan, Credit / Capital Management, Marketing, and Business Ownership and the Law. The Summit includes speakers from Capital One, Career Think, the Louisiana Small Business Development Center, and the New Orleans Regional Business Park. There is also amazing entertainment and a sit down lunch for the participants.